For many businesses, having an Accounting professional consistently involved with your finances is an ideal relationship.  Not only does it keep your books up to date and accurate, but it brings with it an unmatched peace of mind. Below are the core services and monthly packages clients find indispensable to their business landscape.

Pay-as-you-go Services:

Advising your company in every aspect of your financial operations, including profit and loss analysis, accounts receivable procedures, revenue stream classification and budget forecasting.

Tax Returns:

We can help with those necessary filings, including local business taxes and licenses, quarterly estimated payments, individual tax returns and much more.


We can offer individualized training in many areas.  In addition to customized programs, certifications in Quickbooks and FreshBooks gives clients an expert-level mentorship.

New Business Setup:

Launch your new business?  Great!  Now what?  We can help manage setting up the initial accounts with various tax entities and put together a calendar for the future so there are no surprises.  (Note: Currently for Tennessee only)

Profit Analysis:

Having trouble making payroll each Friday?  Feel like you’re business is growing but don’t see the change in your bank account?  An in-depth analysis offers not only answers for your current situation, but a plan to increase the health of your Bottom Line.

Closing Business Process:

Time to call it a day with a business?  No problem!  We can facilitate closing tax accounts, in the proper order, to quickly help you move on to your next venture.  (Note: Currently for Tennessee only)

Monthly Services:
  • Business Bookkeeping:
  • $30000*month
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts and Credit Card Statements
  • Basic Invoicing, Banking, Bill Pay
  • Prepare Profit and Loss, and Balance Sheet
  • Request Info.
  • Account Management:
  • $75000*month
  • Business Bookkeeping Package, plus:
  • Develop/Manage Cash Flow Processes
  • Basic Financial Analysis
  • Manage AR, Collections, AP Payments
  • Request Info.
  • Executive CFO:
  • $150000*month
  • Accounting Management, plus:
  • Detailed Accounting Analysis Reports
  • Prioritize Financial Statement Preparation
  • Monthly Strategy Meetings
  • Overall Financial Advisory
  • $150 Off Tax Preperation
  • Contact us to hear about the many additional benefits to the Executive CFO level of relationship!
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* Indicates starting price for package

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