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Accurate, current records are the foundation of your finances, and we can make yours more solid by maintaining your books for you and reconciling your accounts from data you enter.

When Tax time is in season, and we can help with those necessary filings, including local business taxes and licenses, quarterly estimated payments, individual tax returns and much more.

Advising your company in every aspect of your financial operations, including profit and loss analysis, accounts receivable procedures, revenue stream classification and budget forecasting.

We can offer individualized training in many areas.  In addition to customized programs, certifications in Quickbooks and FreshBooks gives clients an expert-level mentorship.

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Brian Moyer is the Ninja of financial strategies. He can break down excel spreadsheets into Tinker-toy format.

Brian can unravel your financial dealings and organize them to run smoothly—by creating a plan of action to achieve your overall financial aim.

Robert D. Smith Author

"Brian is excellent at distilling complex topics like accounting, business management, and finance into simple and entertaining messages that resonate with an audience.  He delivers a fun, relevant, and practical message that anyone can apply to their business as soon as they walk out the door."

Matt Simpson The Infusion Group

"Brian Moyer is a master at making the complex simple. He is gifted at taking a traditionally dry topic—accounting and finance!—and making it personal, relevant, and entertaining. Inexperienced entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike came away with practical tools they could implement immediately."

Michael Hyatt NY Times Best Selling Author

I would say through the client lens, what sets MFS apart from all the others I've worked wtih is your level of personal commitment. You're someone I want to call. You are expectation and experience-driven rather than task-oriented. One makes a person feel valued; The other makes a person feel like part of a process.

Keni Thomas Speaker
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